About the Artist



Amanda is an abstract expressionist artist from St. Augustine, FL. Her primary body of work is comprised of bold abstracts and striking nudes. 

Amanda draws creative energy from her surroundings and her portfolio is permeated by the ocean tones and bright colors of the tropical environment she grew up in. In gestures frequently guided by the sounds of her favorite music, Amanda layers color and texture to capture energy and movement. In her abstract pieces, color and texture are layered to convey mood and emotion. One may view different techniques layered on a painting; scraping, brushing, and dripping of paint and texture. This serves as a visual testament to the love and therapeutic process of painting.

A common subject matter of Amanda's work is often female figurative forms, depicting strong women in bold color in reflection of her feminist views. Amanda's figurative paintings capture the feminine form in natural displays of power and confidence, as well as sensitivity and sensuality. 

Amanda has painted in many cities along the Atlantic seaboard and her works are featured in private collections all over the USA. She loves to spend time enjoying nature with her dog. She currently resides and works in her hometown of St. Augustine, FL and spends some of her time in her other “home”, the island of Martha’s Vineyard.